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6900 Binictican Drive, Subic Bay Freeport Zone Zambales, Philippines, 2222

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Like a masterpiece passed along generations, there is over half a century of history in this property before it came into our hands. We, the Subic International Golf Club engraved each event in our mind and are aiming to become the best golf club in the world.

Binictican Valley Golf Club

In the beginning of 1960’s, Subic was a U.S. Naval Base and Binictican Valley Golf Club (BVGC) was constructed as one of the U.S. Armed Force’s recreation facilities, including amenities such as movie theaters and dance halls. It was used for U.S. Navy officers only. Civilians were able to use it only by invite.

Withdrawal of U.S. Navy and Local Volunteers’ Hard Work

Following the U.S. Naval Base’s closure in 1991, Subic was converted into the Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ), which successfully became one of the major economic engines by Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA). However, many facilities including BVGC were simply left without any successors, and Richard Gordon, the former Chairman of SBMA and the current Senator of the Philippines rose up and mobilized some 8,000 local citizens who voluntarily engaged in different labors to transform Subic. For three years BVGC was maintained by these civilians. This is one of the most remarkable chapters in the history of our golf club and we are deeply grateful for Senator Gordon’s and local citizens’ immense effort.

Subic Bay and Golf and Country Club

In 1995, the golf club was awarded to a Taiwanese-led investor, and they renamed BVGC into Subic Bay Golf and Country Club (SBGCC). It was designed by the British-born American golf course architect Desmond Muirhead (1924-2002), who was a prodigy and praised as “the Salvador Dali of the golf course architect world,” and the golf course expanded from 9-holes to 18-holes. Muirhead is also known as the leading golf course architect whom Jack Nicklaus, the world’s best professional golfer between 1960’s and 1990’s looked up to as his mentor. In fact, Muirhead and Nicklaus worked together to design Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio, that has hosted the PGA Tour golf tournament since its inception in 1976. In addition, he designed more than 110 golf courses in 15 different countries. Muirhead remarked that he was inspired by the 100th anniversary of Philippines’ independence and designed SBGCC with all of the elements of a good golf course: rhythm, balance, and sequence.  Thereafter, SBGCC was handed over to a Korean enterprise in 2012, and in 2015 it was returned to SBMA.

Subic International Golf Club

Having been deeply struck by the rich and beautiful nature and resilient, openhearted people in Philippines, we, Subic Smart Community Corporation wanted to contribute to the development of the Philippines’ economy. We concluded the contract to possess the property with SBMA in 2016 and began the large remodeling of the golf course and the new construction of clubhouse.

Our commitment is beauty and joy. Beauty created by the fusion of the nature of the native forest and the man-made work of the golf course. Challenging and enjoyable course design and new discoveries surprise our guests every time the guests come to play. Due to our constant pursuit for the best design and quality in detail, it took years to complete.
We also poured our energy into caddie recruitment and training. No matter how wonderful our golf course is, it cannot be the only moment etched in our guest’s minds. We invested time and effort into our caddies, who are the closest to the players and spend the longest hours with them, and created Subic International Golf Club’s original caddie. In this way, we created the ultimate luxurious experience for guests to enjoy at all times.

Hoping Subic International Golf Club comes to your mind as the essential place for your golf life, we will keep striving to improve the quality.


Subic Internation Golf Club

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